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At our centre, we appreciate the importance of protecting children’s skin from the damaging effect of the sun and educating children about “sunsmart” behaviour. Our sun care policy recognises that both parents and staff have a shared responsibility in relation to sun care. With that in mind, it is recommended that you apply a 30+ sunscreen to your children in the morning. Should you forget sunscreen, is always available at the centre, please sign the sunscreen section of the sign in/out sheet to confirm sunscreen has been applied to your child. Our playground provides plenty of shade and staff will act as positive role models as well as actively ensuring that sun exposure is minimised throughout the day, especially during the hottest times. Children must wear a sunsmart hat and clothing that provides adequate protection from the sun and is cool, comfortable and practical for outside play.

Remember – No Sunsmart Hat, No Outdoor Play

Arrivals & Departures:

Our policy in regards to the matter is outlined below:

As a matter of safety, children must be brought into the centre and collected from the centre by a responsible adult at least 18 years of age.

The adult must sign the child “in” and “out”, record the time of arrival or departure and notify the teacher that the child has arrived/is departing. Also record the name of adult picking up child (if different person), and contact phone if your child will not be at the regular number held by the centre.

Our sign in/out sheets are used for fire drills and lockdown so please ensure you child is signed in each day.

Children can only be signed in and out by custodial parents or people authorised in writing on the child’s enrolment form under emergency contact.

Staff must be informed if an adult other than the custodial parent will be collecting the child.

Duty of Care:

During the Kindy contact hours the children are in the care of the educators. Before Kindy starts and when Kindy finishes is the Educators non-contact time when they prepare the environment for the children, document the children’s learning and complete other paper work and tasks as necessary to the provision of a quality program for your child.  Once your child is signed out, your child is under your supervision and is your legal responsibility.

There will be a $50 late fee if you’re more than 10 minutes late without a phone call.

The Centre operates 40 weeks of the year with the same holidays as the Education Department. Each group will have 2 scheduled staff professional development days; the dates of these will be advised throughout the year.

Rest Times:

Rest time is an essential part of the day’s programme, giving children an opportunity to rest their bodies and be alone with their thoughts after a busy morning. The Education and Care Services Regulations 2011 requires Early Childhood Services to provide rest and relaxation times for individuals. Children who do not sleep during this time will be encouraged to rest quietly. A child who has learned to relax will become an adult who is able to deal more adequately with the stress, and strain of normal living.


All medication is to be given to the Director and will be kept in a locked cabinet.  Only medically prescribed medication will be administered and all particulars are to be witnessed and signed by staff and parents in the medication book.  Parents with children on nebulisers are required to sign extra forms if they are to be used during school hours.

Sick Children, Injuries & Infectious Diseases:

  • Parents will be contacted promptly should a child be injured and the Director or person in charge will take whatever steps are necessary.
  • Children with contagious illnesses will not be admitted to the centre.
  • Parents must contact the centre to report contagious illnesses.
  • In the event of a child taking ill in the centre, the parent will be contacted, therefore, it is imperative that the parent ensures the current phone numbers are with the person in charge at all times.
  • In the event of a parent or contact not being available, the Director or person in charge will take whatever steps are considered to be necessary to ensure the child’s wellbeing.
  • The Director or person in charge will call an ambulance if necessary. The centre has ambulance insurance to cover all children.
  • Head lice must be treated to prevent spreading.
  • School sores (impetigo) must be treated and covered. Then the child can attend the centre.
  • All staff hold current First Aid Certificates.
  • An incident file is kept to comply with WPHS

Absences from Kindy:

Parents must notify staff if the child is to be absent for the day, and the reason.  Parents must also notify the staff if a mid-term holiday is planned.  Fees must still be paid during your absence, to hold your place.

Emergency Evacuation & Procedures:

The children participate in fire drills eight times a year.  In case of an emergency the staff will evacuate all children to the front gate.  The roll will be called and the appropriate emergency services contacted.

Toilet Training Requirement:

It is a requirement that your Child is toilet trained.  Yorkeys Knob Kindergarten has a policy in place stating “NO NAPPIES” to be worn whilst at kindergarten.

More Information:

Parent Handbook:

Please click on the link below to download a PDF of our current Parent Handbook.

Current Parent Handbook


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