Preparing Your Child For School

Moving from an early childhood education and care setting into school can be exciting but sometimes daunting time for children and their families.

Successful transitions are supported by collaborative partnerships between the child and their family, the kindergarten setting, the prep setting, Principals and the wider community.

We encourage families to:

  • Walk past the school so your child knows what their new school looks like
  • Learn the names for break times such as Big Lunch or Second Break as this will help your child when they start school
  • Practice opening and closing lunch box lids and filling water bottles
  • Work together to label and name school books, items and uniforms, so your child knows how to identify them if lost
  • Show your child where you will pick them up each day, and what to do if they can’t see you at pick up time
  • Talk about staying safe at school
  • Reassure your child that if they are unsure of anything to ask an adult.

Helpful Resources

The C&K Association has produced two helpful guides for starting school. You can download the PDF’s by clicking on the links below;

Getting Your Child Set for Prep Making the First Day a Success


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