Every Day Your Child Will Need...


A lunch box containing a nutritious and plentiful lunch, morning tea (& afternoon tea).  Please make sure your childs food & lunch box is labelled clearly.

It is expected that children will have a selection of nourishing and healthy foods in their lunch box to choose from. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, meat, cheeses, crackers, fruit & yoghurt are all good healthy choices. Small cakes, muffins and biscuits are ok for a small treat. Leaflets are available with suggestions for healthy lunches or you can click here to go to our Healthy Lunch Box page for recipes and ideas.

Please do not send chips, peanuts, lollies or chocolate. Also food that has lot of packaging and is hard to open as, not only are we aiming for litter free lunches, the children will be expected to manage their food themselves.

All food is refrigerated soon after your childs arrival in the morning. Please do not send food in insulated chill packs as they take up too much room in the fridge.

Water is given at morning tea time and is always available to children during the session. Children will need to bring in a non-breakable cup with a handle to use for their water. This will be kept at the centre.


Sun Hat:

Hats must be worn at all times by children when outside.  C&K regulations state that hats must be wide brimmed or legionnaire style for maximum protection. Caps are not considered sun safe.

No Sun Safe Hat = No Outdoor Play


 Sheets for Resting Time:

Rest time is a necessary part of our day when children have a chance to quieten down, rest and reflect on their day. Each child will need a fitted bottom sheet for their mattress, (mattress size is 123 X 60cm should you wish to make a fitted one) & a flat top sheet. Cot Sheets are ideal. Sheets should be in a bedding bag with drawstring

Please do not send pillows or cuddly toys as they are a distraction to the children at resting time.


 Roll-on sun screen:

SPF15+ or higher (roll-ons are much easier for children to apply themselves).


 Roll-on mozzie repellent:

(roll-ons are much easier for children to apply themselves).


 Spare Clothes:

At least one spare change of clothes and underwear to be kept in your childs bag in case of accidents or wet play.

Please send your child in comfortable, practical clothes. Shoes are not necessary and will be taken off for outside play as they are unsuitable for climbing and sandpit play.



Handtowels are provided by the centre. They will be sent home for washing each week on a parent roster.


 Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with your childs name.

More Information:

Parent Handbook:

Please click on the link below to download a PDF of our current Parent Handbook.

Current Parent Handbook


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